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We have a lot of women-centric magazines that talk about their lifestyle, their gadgets, their health, and their fitness regime. But very few cater to the other section of the society and could be classified as Mens Journal.

The magazine for the males in your life:

The magazine industry comprises one famous American monthly magazine that focuses on lifestyle, recreational activities, health, fitness, gear, and fashion statements for men. The Mens Journal magazine has a long history and, its first release dates back to 1992 by Jann Wenner. The magazine’s initial aim was to bring forward an adventure and fuel-filled lifestyle followed by various accomplished and active men. The magazine has kept up with his name all over these years and still is responsible for bringing us the true essence of adventure with various celebrities.


The magazine releases six editions in a year and, each issue of Men’s Journal is in three subdivisions:

  • Notebook — contains the freshest trends, destinations,
  • products, style & design
  • Blueprint — provides the freshest scientific articles and expert guidance on nutrition, health, and training.
  • Gear Lab — a monthly guide of tried and recommended essentials: tech, gadgets, and toys. Men’s Journal picks specialists and professionals to review the products and, the most high-grade performing gear during the year gets a special mention.

The several celebrities on the cover page of this magazine during various issues are Jake Gyllenhaal, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeremy Renner, JJ Watt, Mark Wahlberg, Liam Neeson, Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Bourdain, and many more. The magazine was sold to American Media, Inc. in the year 2017 by Wenner Media.

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